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Breaking: Texas Supreme Court Drops The Gavel – Blocks Democrats Order To Resume Illegal…

Texas Supreme Court just blocked the order from a lower court for abortions to be resumed in the state of Texas. After the ruling of Roe V Wade, states have been cracking down on abortion clinics and the procedures that they are allowed to do.

Newsmax Reported on the topic:

The Texas Supreme Court blocked a lower court order late Friday night that said clinics could continue performing abortions, just days after some doctors had resumed seeing patients after the fall of Roe v. Wade.

It was not immediately clear whether Texas clinics that had resumed seeing patients this week would halt services again. A hearing is scheduled for later this month.

Texas is one of the first states to take the overruling of Roe V Wade as an opportunity to save millions of lives and prevent abortion from happening.

Newsmax further reported:

The whiplash of Texas clinics turning away patients, rescheduling them, and now potentially canceling appointments again — all in the span of a week — illustrated the confusion and scrambling taking place across the country since Roe was overturned.

An order by a Houston judge earlier this week had reassured some clinics they could temporarily resume abortions up to six weeks into pregnancy. That was quickly followed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton asking the state’s highest court, which is stocked with nine Republican justices, to temporarily put the order on hold.

“These laws are confusing, unnecessary, and cruel,” said Marc Hearron, attorney for the Center for Reproductive Rights, after the order was issued Friday night.

Clinics in Texas had stopped performing abortions in the state of nearly 30 million people after the U.S. Supreme Court last week overturned Roe v. Wade and ended the constitutional right to abortion. Texas had technically left an abortion ban on the books for the past 50 years while Roe was in place.

A copy of Friday’s order was provided by attorneys for Texas clinics. It could not immediately be found on the court’s website.

There is no doubt that abortion is one of the most pressing topics currently in the news and most likely will continue to be. Democrats are using this to fuel their election campaign in 2022.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Breaking: Nick Sandmann Calls On Twitter CEO Elon Musk To Release ‘Hidden Twitter Files’ Pertaining To His Case

Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage via Getty Images; James Glover II/Reuters)

Disclaimer: This article may contain the personal views and opinions of the author.

Billionaire Elon Musk’s much publicized takeover of tech giant Twitter has been met with a variety of sentiments, to put it mildly. Many on this right, including myself, are optimistic about Musk, Twitter, freedom of speech and the relationship between them. There have, however, been a few other disparate elements that have come together to deeply embolden Conservatives even further. Those elements are the much-reported on Nick Sandmann and a prominent independent journalist named Matt Taibbi.

It is now being reported by Fox News that:

Former Covington High School student Nicholas Sandmann asked new Twitter owner Elon Musk to release any files related to the platform allowing death threats against him while he was a teenager.

“As I’m watching this all play out, I’m wondering if @elonmusk has any hidden twitter files relating to what went on here,” Sandmann said on Twitter Sunday. “Let’s be clear: under the watch of @vijaya they allowed these illegal threats when I was 16 years old.”

Sandmann shared screenshots taken of multiple verified Twitter accounts calling on people to burn down Sandmann’s high school and throw “MAGA kids” into a wood chipper.

Fox News then went on to report that:

The post comes after Musk’s release of what Musk called the “Twitter files,” a collection of internal communications at the company that shows Twitter colluded with media outlets, government officials and Democratic operatives to suppress certain stories on the platform.

Sandmann was at the center of controversy in 2019 after the March For Life, where he was photographed smiling while wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat as he was being confronted by Native American activist Nathan Phillips. Many media outlets portrayed the incident as a group of White teenagers harassing an older Native American, though full video of the incident later showed Sandmann and his fellow students remained calm after they were initially confronted by Phillips.

It was further reported by the New York Post that:

Musk on Friday released through journalist Matt Taibbi internal emails shedding light on the deliberations of a group of top Twitter executives that decided The Post’s bombshell story about President Biden’s son violated the company’s “hacked materials” policy without any evidence. 

Vijaya, whom Sandmann mentioned in his Tweet, referred to Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s former head of legal, policy, and trust who played a “key role” in the decision, according to Taibbi.

Musk canned Gadde after he bought the social media company for $44 billion in October. 

Sandmann, 20, was vilified by the media when footage aired of an encounter between him wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap and Native American activists participating in an Indigenous People March. 

It was also reported by The Epoch Times that:

At the time, the video footage went viral and multiple media outlets falsely reported that the teenager had harassed Philips and “stood in his way,” while portraying the events as a group of white teenagers harassing an older Native American.

However, further video footage emerged later showing that Sandmann had been confronted and harassed by other people at the event and that it was Phillips who approached Sandmann and beat a drum while the young Sandmann responded in a calm manner by standing still and smiling.

The teenager later sued a string of outlets including ABC, CBS, CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, among others, for defamation.

In his post to Musk on Sunday, Sandmann noted that Twitter had allowed the verified accounts that had made death threats against him and his classmates to remain on the platform but had banned others “for nothing.”

The video set off a media firestorm, with many claiming the encounter was racially motivated and instigated by Sandmann and his fellow students, who attended a nearby anti-abortion march. 

Matt Taibbi , for his part, has been a journalist for some time and has a very interesting substack that everyone should check out. Interestingly enough, he was once a contributing editor to leftie rag The Rolling Stones. People have the right to change their mind. Hopefully, his involvement in the twitter files will spell some serious consequences for those that have decided that people right to freedom of speech should be superseded by political partisanship and media dishonesty.

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Breaking: US Secret Service Just Located Hundreds Of Concerning Documents On Hunter Biden’s Gun Purchase

Disclaimer:  This article may contain the personal views and opinions of the author.

The Epoch Times reports that the United States Secret Service discovered hundreds of documents regarding the Hunter Biden handgun purchase at the center of a 2020 scandal. 

Hunter Biden’s handgun was allegedly discarded in a dumpster behind a small grocery store in Delaware. 

“Hunter Biden’s sister-in-law, Hallie Biden, reportedly threw his handgun in a trash container in Delaware in 2020. Agents with Secret Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) were reportedly involved,” the Epoch Times report said. 

A transparency group known as Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Secret Service asking for the records connected to the discarded handgun incident. 

The Secret Service claimed at first to locate the records and said they would process them. The agency later said they never actually located the records. 

It wasn’t until Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit that the Secret Service admitted to possessing more than 100 records relating to the matter. 

According to a joint case report with the Secret Service and Judicial Watch filed on Nov. 10 with the U.S. court in Washington, D.C.:

“Since the Complaint was filed, the Parties have conferred about the intended scope of Judicial Watch’s FOIA request and, in response, USSS has run supplemental searches and located over 100 records, totaling over 400 pages, potentially responsive to Judicial Watch’s request under the clarified understanding of that request.”  

Judicial Watch is skeptical at this point noting, “Initially, the Secret Service denied having the records.”

“The Secret Service’s changing story on records raises additional questions about its role in the Hunter Biden gun incident,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement.

“One thing is clear, Judicial Watch’s persistence means the public may get records that the Secret Service suggested didn’t exist.” 

Unfortunately, as a nation, we have to rely on groups like Judicial Watch to hold government entities accountable. 

Hunter Biden allegedly lied on a federal gun form saying he did not use drugs. 

He has admitted to using cocaine and there is plenty of photographic evidence of drug use on the “laptop from hell.” 

When asked about his son’s drug problem on CNN in October, President Joe Biden said, “This is a kid who got, not a kid — he’s a grown man. He got hooked on — like many families have had happen, hooked on drugs. He’s overcome that. He’s established a new life.”

“He is — I’m confident that he is — what he says and does are consistent with what happens,” President Biden added. “And for example, he wrote a book about his problems and was straightforward about it. I’m proud of him.”

Politico is reporting that “Secret Service agents allegedly visited the gun store where Hunter Biden bought the weapon and asked for the purchase records. The owner declined to provide them, saying the matter was under the jurisdiction of the ATF, with which he later cooperated.”

Will anything come of these records? Will Hunter Biden ever answer for his crimes? Time will tell.

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Massive News: “If I Committed Suicide, It’s Not Real”, Elon Musk Makes Big Announcement Amid Release of Hunter Biden Files

Disclaimer:  This article may contain the personal views and opinions of the author.

Elon Musk authorized journalist Matt Taibbi to release what is being called the Twitter Files on Friday causing a tidal wave of “I told you sos” from conservatives. 

The Twitter Files contain the discussion emails between Twitter execs regarding the suppression of the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story in October 2020. 

Twitter was involved in the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story and took instruction from the Biden campaign.

The social media company labeled the story as “hacked material” and blocked anyone from retweeting it or sending it via direct message. 

Twitter’s new CEO held a Q & A on Twitter Spaces with more than 100,000 participants who are curious about what’s coming next. 

Musk said: “If you want reconciliation, there must be truth, so that’s the intention here, to just make it clear what was happening and provide transparency about the past, and in doing so, to build trust in the future.”

When asked why he bought Twitter, Musk said, “My biological neural net decided it would be important to buy Twitter. There seemed to be like this more and more groupthink amongst the media, more and more sort of toeing the line among the digital social media company.”

He elaborated, pointing out his concern for the future of our Republic, “Basically, just we’re traveling the path of suppression of free speech was just getting me concerned. Like the trends were not great.”

He felt the need to do something about it. He continued, “So unless something was done to reverse this trend against free speech, then I get, well, at some point everything will just get muddled. And unless you’re in agreement with whatever the groupthink is, then you’re just gonna be ostracized.”

One Twitter user asked for a sneak peek of what’s coming in the next installment of the Twitter Files. 

Musk said he’s leaving that to journalists Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss but hinted that it might be something to do with what happened after the election regarding the Hunter Biden laptop story. 

He went on to say that Hunter Biden “sounds kind of fun. He seems like he knows how to have a good time.”

Back to the next shoe to drop, Musk revealed, “But just sort of beyond what happened after the election, how much government influence was there?”

“There was this whole sort of move to create a disinformation ministry, which was insane, and like George Orwell is turning in his grave.

I think there was a public outcry about disinformation,” he said.

When asked about being ‘Epsteined,’ Musk got quite a reaction saying, “I do not have suicidal thoughts. If I committed suicide, it’s not real.”

While it came off as a joke, there has to be major risk to taking on the establishment in Washington D.C. 

He has been accused of controlling the narrative but he refutes that allegation. He said there has been a lot of control and suppression of information that affected elections and he believes that this information needs to go out to the public. 

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“The World Should Know” Elon Musk Drops Bomb On The Extent Of How Conservatives Were Mistreated By Twitter

  • Disclaimer:  This article may contain the personal views and opinions of the author.

Elon Musk never seems to stop amazing the patriots of this country. For too long, we’ve been desperate for someone to highlight the vindicative tactics Big Tech has used against the freedom lovers of our country.

Musk’s time in the driver’s seat at Twitter has appalled even him. It’s not that he was unaware of the platform’s abuse against republicans and other patriots, he just wasn’t aware of the depth of the atrocities.

A Twitter user asked: “Raise your hand if you think @ElonMusk should make public all internal discussions about the decision to censor the @NYPost’s story on Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 Election in the interest of Transparency.”

Musk said: “This is necessary to restore public trust.” He continued: “The more I learn, the worse it gets. The world should know the truth about what has been happening on Twitter.

“Transparency will earn the trust of the people.”

Though we applaud this speech now, we’re collectively holding our breath to see what comes of it.

Musk can be trusted to be a man of his word, uncaring of his own public image. It’s obvious he cares more about doing the right thing for the right reasons rather than trying to appease a certain political party.

He went on to say, “It is objectively the case that “conservative” political candidates were more negatively affected than “progressive” candidates.

“Anyone using Twitter knows this. Question is simply one of magnitude.

Musk has already proven he’ll do the right thing. By recently restoring President Trump’s Twitter account, he’s gained the trust of the greater patriotic community.

But Trump wasn’t the only patriot to be restored to the platform. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and Author Jordan Peterson were also recently invited back.

While restoring these accounts is a big move in the right direction, it’s only the beginning.

Uncovering the media’s lies and deceit will be trickier for Musk to accomplish, though, it shouldn’t be impossible.

America has not been blind to Hunter Biden’s criminal activities, nor are we ignorant of his father’s failure at covering it up.

But we are eagerly awaiting to see what more will be done. While the democrats were in control of the entire congress, they could accomplish their nefarious designs with apparent ease.

Now, the republicans have taken back the house, Musk has taken over one of the world’s largest social media platforms, and Trump has announced his intent to take back the White House.

Patriotism is in the air. Greatness is returning to America. We’re grateful to freedom lovers like Musk who have set aside their personal political beliefs to bring the crimes of all politicians to the forefront.

They may not be perfect, and they may not get things done as quickly as we like, but at least they’re doing something.
Thanks, Elon, we appreciate you. We support you. Stay strong, stay awesome.

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BOMBSHELL: Leaked Email Reveals Democrat Katie Hobbs Coordinated With Twitter To Censor ‘Election Misinformation’

The “Twitter Files” came out last Friday evening with some shocking revelations about election interference via Twitter from the Biden campaign, the DNC, the FBI, and other organizations. 

The Arizona Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, has been implicated in coordinating with Twitter as well to censor what she called “election misinformation.” 

Internal Twitter documents show collusion between democrats and the social media company to silence political opponents. 

On January 7, 2021, Hobbs’ communications director emailed the Center for Internet Security (CIS) with the subject line, “Election Related Misinformation,” asking them to review a Twitter account. 

CIS is a 501 nonprofit cybersecurity organization. According to their website, they are an organization focused on making “the connected world a safer place for people, businesses, and governments through our core competencies of collaboration and innovation.”

In other words, it is their mission to make the connected world safer for Democrats by making sure any and all negative stories are labeled as ‘misinformation.’ 

The email read, “I’m flagging this Twitter account for your review,” the comms director wrote to the email address The specific Twitter account was not identified in the reporting. 

A representative from the organization forwarded the message to a Twitter staffer adding, “Please see this report below from the Arizona SOS office. Please let me know if you have any questions.”

The Twitter employee’s response? “Thank you. We will escalate.”

Later that day, the Twitter employee informed the Hobbs team that it was handled. “Thank you … both tweets have been removed from the service,” Twitter responded. 

It’s important to note, that an employee at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), a branch under the federal government’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS), was copied on the email.  

Unbelievable! In a just country, these people would be in jail, not in higher office. 

Christina Bobb, a host on One America News Network responded to the news by tweeting apparent evidence of the email communication adding, 

“Unreal! Katie Hobbs’s office contacts Twitter to have posts removed!

“So, the democrat candidate, who ran the AZ election, censored her political opponents, disrupted Election Day votes, and then threatened counties with prosecution if they didn’t declare her the winner.”

Then she directly asks the Twitter CEO, “Hey @elonmusk! How many times did the Arizona Secretary of State ask Twitter to censor people?”

Margorie Taylor Greene tweeted her reaction to the news: 

“The SOS of AZ and Gov candidate, Katie Hobbs, used the power of the AZ SOS to collude w/ Twitter to unconstitutionally violate 1st Amendment rights of Americans for her own political gain. This is communism and Hobbs can not be governor. I’m calling for a Federal investigation.” 

Many from the Left spent all weekend defending this action reminding us that Biden wasn’t in office when the Hunter Biden laptop story was censored so it’s not a 1st Amendment violation. 

What they fail to realize, and it’s clear here, there were government entities involved in the censoring of Americans in an effort to influence elections.  

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Joe Biden Furious At Elon After The New Twitter CEO Makes Shocking Announcement, “The Public Deserves To Know What Really Happened”

Disclaimer: This article may contain the opinions and views of the author.

Run scared, Joe! Run far away. To a place we never have to see or deal with you again.

We deserve to know how Biden has limited the free speech of patriots. We deserve to know the extent of his crimes.

Well, that might be asking too much, with the liberals’ tight control of the media and big tech, but at least one man is making waves about it.

And that one man happens to be the richest in the world; Elon Musk.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the worst White House press secretary to ever hold the gig, admitted the Biden administration is ‘keeping a close eye on Musk and Twitter.

Despicable. She can outright say it without fear of retribution. That’s the extent of their reach. The White House press secretary can freely admit they are monitoring Musk for simply wanting to keep free speech free.

Elon musk fired right back at them with this awesome tweet:

“The Twitter Files on free speech suppression soon to be published on Twitter itself. The public deserves to know what really happened …

“This is a battle for the future of civilization.

“If free speech is lost even in America, tyranny is all that lies ahead.”

Elon’s response to Dave Rubin’s tweet hit the target: “Why are so many in the media against free speech? This is messed up.”

But, thankfully, Musk then put them all on notice and said he would release Twitter’s dirty little secrets soon.

Let’s all hope and pray these dirty little secrets will finally get us the results we want.

I mean, it’s no secret how Twitter had targeted patriots and conservatives in the past, but when Elon releases these files maybe we’ll get to see just how far down the rabbit hole the liberals went.

We won’t know for sure until Elon releases the files. But what we do know for sure is the Main Stream Media is sure to ignore it. They’ll keep playing highlights from the World Cup on repeat while Elon is highlighting the crimes for the entire world to see.

Keep it up Elon. We got your back. Keep fighting to keep free speech free.

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PRICELESS: Liberal Extremist Kathy Griffin Gets Triggered After Young Americans “Make Videos Dedicated To How Ugly I Am And Show Photos of Me”

Disclaimer: This article may contain the personal views and opinions of the author. 

It will almost always be considered a good day when the name Kathy Griffin isn’t brought up. Well, dear reader, today is not one of those days. Hers is an inspirational story, however. She is someone who has become very successful, famous, and influential, despite not having any actual skills. Now, she seems to be starved for attention and has decided to set herself up to have quite the feast.

Um, so on TikTok. Apparently youths make videos dedicated to how UGLY I AM & show photos of me. Oh, & there’s a song accompanying it called “look how ugly she is”
Jesus, who has the time? 😂— Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) October 2, 2022

It is now being reported that:

Hollywood star Kathy Griffin got some bad news when she finally went on the Chinese social media service TikTok. Griffin chronicled her attempt to learn how the site works only to discover young people in America and across the globe use the site to mock her and call her ugly. Ouch.

Kathy said: “I just spent the last hour trying to work that TicTac! I don’t know how to get verified. I don’t know how you can tell when a video was even posted. Are there trending news topics? I want weather updates and videos from political events. 

“Am I stuck on this nightmare bird app? Ugh. I don’t understand any of it. This place definitely gets more vicious every day. I made a video backstage is a Jimmy Kimmel Live show and then I made one at my house where Taylor Lorenz was trying to explain how to use it and I talked about cryptocurrency.

“I have two of them (TikTok accounts).

“I think my real one actually has less followers but I’m not sure.

“It’s all very confusing.

“When I go on TikTok I don’t even see my profile page, it just starts playing videos.”

A couple of days later Kathy figured out the app and to her horror discovered what America thinks of her.

She said:

“Um, so on TikTok.

“Apparently youths make videos dedicated to how UGLY I AM & show photos of me.

“Oh, & there’s a song accompanying it called “look how ugly she is” 

“Jesus, who has the time?”

She also took the time to go after Peter Thiel, a silicon valley legend and Republican donor.

“Ugh, OK gayz, I have avoided going in on Peter Thiel because many of my gayz don’t even know who he is. 

“BUT, I encourage you to look this scary dude up. Between this and 23 and me, this crowd is trying to get a master race going.”

In prime victimhood form, Griffin also commented on the infamous Trump photo in July of this year. It was further reported by People that:

Speaking with The New York Times, the comedian, 61, said the outrage from the 2017 incident caused her to be ousted from Hollywood and her life has changed since. The photo showed Griffin with a mask of Trump’s severed head covered in ketchup.

“I wasn’t canceled,” Griffin said. “I was erased.”

Former President Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr. reacted to Griffin’s viral photo as did Chelsea Clinton and Griffin’s former friend Anderson Cooper.

“​​I honestly never had a desire to make enemies,” Griffin shared. “But I keep making enemies.”

Prior to the scandal, she was performing several stand-up shows and executive produced her own show Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, which aired on Bravo from 2005-2010.

After the scandal, the actress was fired from her annual New Year’s Eve co-host job for CNN with Cooper and 25 theaters canceled her upcoming shows.

Rich and famous people making themselves out to be the victim is, of course, nothing new. People won’t soon forget the infamous spat between the always-controversial Milo Yiannopoulos and the perennially offended Leslie Jones. We also recently reported on Michele Obama’s comments regarding the, let’s call it less than lukewarm, response to her showtime show “The First Lady”, which was unceremoniously and forgettably canceled. She simply said that the ordeal was “incredibly hurtful.

In a separate, but related theme, we also reported on how actress Jennifer Lawrence actually said (as in, she said this, knowingly in public) that Tucker Carlson gave her nightmares.

Follow The Raging Patriot for more on this story as it develops!

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BREAKING NEWS: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Delivers A Major Announcement Hinting At A Possible 2024 Run

Disclaimer:  This article may contain the personal views and opinions of the author.

There has really only been one Republican with the star power that can even come close, let alone eclipse that of Donald Trump. That star power would have to go to recently re-elected Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. While it can’t be said that the Governor’s popularity has exactly endeared him to Trump, it has been exciting to speculate and pontificate on what might be next for DeSantis after his time as Governor comes to a close, as it inevitability will.

In fact, it is now being reported by Fox News that:

 Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida will chronicle his life in public service in a new book that will publish in late February in what will be seen by political pundits as another step by the conservative champion toward a possible 2024 presidential run.

The autobiography by DeSantis, who was overwhelmingly re-elected three weeks ago to a second four-year term steering the increasingly red Sunshine State, is titled “The Courage to Be Free: Florida’s Blueprint for America’s Revival.” 

Word of the book, scheduled to be published Feb. 28 by Broadside, the conservative arm of HarperCollins Publishing, was shared first with Fox News Wednesday.

The publishers highlight that the autobiography will cover key moments in DeSantis’ life, from “growing up in a working-class family, playing in the Little League World Series, working his way through Yale University and Harvard Law School, volunteering for the Navy after 9/11 and serving in Iraq.” 

Fox News went on to report that:

The memoir will also detail his marriage to Casey DeSantis, their children and his wife’s battle with cancer.

Florida’s governor has seen his popularity soar among conservatives across the country the past 2½ years, courtesy of his forceful pushback against coronavirus pandemic restrictions and his aggressive actions as a culture wars warrior targeting the media and corporations.

The publishers note that the book “will center on critical issues that brought [DeSantis] to the center of the debate over the future of our country. He shares his thinking from when he was fighting back against COVID mandates and restrictions, critical race theory, woke corporations” and what they describe as “the partisan legacy media.” They add that the memoir will chronicle what they call “his bold, substantial policy achievements.”

It was further reported by ABC News that:

Wednesday’s announcement comes in the wake of DeSantis’ decisive reelection victory and likely will add to speculation that he plans a run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. Former President Donald Trump has already declared his candidacy and warned DeSantis that he will reveal information “that won’t be very flattering” should the governor oppose him.

According to Broadside, DeSantis will cover everything from his childhood to his service in the Iraq War to his years as Florida governor, when he made opposition to COVID-19 restrictions and the fight against “woke” culture centerpieces of his first term.

ABC News went on to report that:

“What Florida has done is establish a blueprint for governance that has produced tangible results while serving as a rebuke to the entrenched elites who have driven our nation into the ground. Florida is proof positive that we, the people are not powerless in the face of these elites,” DeSantis writes in his book, according to Broadside.

HarperCollins is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. The Murdoch-run New York Post has openly disparaged Trump recently, burying news of his announcement for president and later referring to Trump’s announcement speech as “meandering” and criticizing him for “false and divisive claims about the 2020 election being stolen from him.”

So, it could well be that DeSantis might pick up, perhaps the apt metaphor is wrench away, the torch for the GOP from Trump and carry it forward in glorious defiance. In a recent poll that was released just before Thanksgiving, DeSantis showed voters favoring DeSantis. It was a YouGove poll on the national level that showed the find. There was also a Quinnipac poll that showed 6 in 10 people showed Trump’s latest campaign to be a “bad thing”. Follow The Raging Patriot for more on this story as it develops.

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“I’d Like To Apologize To Melania And Sean Hannity For…” Former President Donald Trump Releases A Big Statement

Disclaimer: This article may contain the personal views and opinions of the author.

Former President Donald Trump has been referred to by many things over the course of the last couple of years. Most have been undeserved, such as “racist”, “homophobic”, and the rest of the grab bag of buzzwords so many on the left use with irresponsible abandon. But plenty he has been more deserving of. One doesn’t think that even the staunchest of Trump supporters could dispute the charge that Trump is “bombastic”, “loud”, and “uncouth”. Indeed, these personality traits are what guided many people to support him. One trait that has never really been ascribed to him the “apologetic”;. Thanks to some recent updates in the news, that just might change.

It is now being reported by The Hill that:

Former President Trump on Thursday apologized to his wife Melania Trump and Fox News host Sean Hannity for reports circulating about their reaction to his endorsement of Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz, dismissing the accounts as “fictional stories.”

“I’d like to apologize to Melania and Sean Hannity for all of the Fake News and fictional stories (made up out of thin air, with no sources despite them claiming there are!), being dumped on you by reporters and ‘News’ Organizations who know these stories are not true,” Trump said on Truth Social.

“The Fake News Media is ‘Crazed’ and totally out of control. I only wish the public could understand how really corrupt and crooked they are. They MAKE UP stories and then push them down your throats. Our Country is in big trouble!” Trump added. 

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, who has closely followed the former president for years, said Wednesday that Trump spent the day after the midterms “furious” after congressional Republicans failed to produce a “red wave” of significant wins over Democrats.

In Pennsylvania, Trump-backed Oz lost one of the cycle’s most closely watch battles, with Democratic nominee John Fetterman successfully flipping a seat currently held by the GOP.

It was further reported by Newsweek that:

Trump directly took aim at Haberman in an earlier Truth Social post on Thursday, again lambasting her information as “fake.”

“First of all Oz is a wonderful guy who really worked hard and was a very good candidate, but he WAS LONG IN THE RACE before I ever Endorsed him, they had NOTHING to do with it…& I was not at all ANGRY,” the post read.

Newsweek went on to report that:

One expert told Newsweek last week that the outcomes of races where he has thrown his support behind a candidate are important to Trump and others in the GOP because they are a test of his continued influence and power in the party. That could be particularly important as he is anticipated to soon announce another presidential run for 2024.

But while several of Trump’s endorsed candidates scored notable wins, such as JD Vance and Ted Budd’s U.S. Senate victories in Ohio and North Carolina respectively, not all of his endorsements resulted in victory.

It has certainly been an interesting couple of week for Donald Trump. In fact, The Raging Patriot recently reported that Next Tuesday, November 15, is the date that every political pundit has marked on their calendar. On November 15, Donald Trump will be making an announcement showing that “Trump derangement syndrome” comes in different forms. Many political pundits are putting on their Nostradamus hats while others are stating Trump’s 2024 presidential run as a fact. Fox News is in limbo because of the infectious “Trump derangement syndrome.” Some pundits on Fox News are blaming Trump, while others are anxiously waiting for November 15. It is becoming more apparent that the Republican party is divided. There are Republicans like McCarthy and McConnell who want to keep the “Uni-party” on the Hill, while there are Republicans like Kari Lake and Marjorie Taylor Greene who are willing to take the bull by the horns.

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BREAKING: Georgia Calls In The FBI To Assist In Criminal Investigation Following Breach Of Voting Equipment

Disclaimer: This article may contain the personal views and opinions of the author.

The state of Georgia has reached out to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to help with a criminal investigation into what they call a breach of its election system in one county.

The Georgia State Elections Board said on Wednesday that it wanted the FBI’s help in the investigation into the breach of voting equipment in Coffee County.

“The conduct in Coffee County is similar to conduct in Antrim County, Michigan, and Clark County, Nevada,” William Duffey Jr., the chair of the board, said.

KRDO reported:

The Georgia elections board also revealed it is investigating communications between local election officials in a second Georgia county and SullivanStrickler — the same cybersecurity firm hired by attorneys working for former President Donald Trump to access voting systems in Coffee County in January 2021.

The board has received documents that include an “unexecuted engagement agreement” for SullivanStrickler to forensically image voting systems in Spalding County, Georgia, Duffey said.

The move represents an escalation by state investigators in Georgia, raising new questions about whether the same group of individuals involved in the Coffee County breach sought access to voting systems in other parts of the state as well.

Duffey said it remains unclear why Spalding County was interested in having Sullivan Strickler conduct this kind of work but that the board is investigating whether there is any link to what happened in Coffee County. It is also unclear if voting systems in Spalding County were breached.

Duffey noted that he has asked for an update from the FBI regarding the status of its participation in the state-level Georgia probe related to Coffee County but does not yet know what the bureau is doing, if anything, at this time.

Voting integrity and security are at the forefront of everyone’s minds after the 2020 presidential election.

In Michigan, a volunteer election worker has been charged with two felony charges after allegedly inserting a personal USB drive into a precinct computer during the August 2 primary.

Reuters reported that Kent County prosecutor Chris Becker announced he charged James Donald Holkeboer with falsifying election records and using a computer to commit a crime in the incident.

If he is convicted, he could face up to nine years in prison.

“The incident highlights the so-called “insider threat” risk that has increasingly worried election officials, especially in battleground states like Michigan where falsehoods about systemic voter fraud in the 2020 election have spread most widely,” Reuters reported.

Earlier this month a former Pennsylvania Democrat congressman was sentenced to 30 months in prison after committing fraud that favored a Democrat candidate.

Michael “Ozzie” Myers pleaded guilty to conspiring to illegally vote in a federal election and depriving civil rights, voting records falsification, bribery, obstruction of justice, and orchestrating ballot-stuffing schemes in Pennsylvania’s 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 elections.

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