BREAKING: NSA Admits to Unmasking Fox News’ Tucker Carlson

According to a new report that was released on Friday, the Biden administration unmasked Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s identity.

This is just the latest attack by the Biden administration against free speech and privacy in America.

During Carlson’s show slot, fill-in host Mark Steyn blasted the move by the Biden administration, stating, “We told you that the National Security Agency has been monitoring this show and the content of Tucker’s emails. According to a media outlet called The Record, the NSA has just completed its internal review of the matter. The NSA now admits that it unmasked Tucker’s identity after an intelligence intercept.”

“By law, the identities of American citizens are concealed when they’re caught up during foreign intelligence gathering,” Steyn continued. “They can only be unmasked in extraordinary circumstances.”

Check out what The Record reported:

…the nation’s top electronic spy agency found that Carlson was mentioned in communications between third parties and his name was subsequently revealed through “unmasking,” a process in which relevant government officials can request the identities of American citizens in intelligence reports to be divulged provided there is an official reason, such as helping them make sense of the intelligence documents they are reviewing.

In a statement, Fox News shot back: “For the NSA to unmask Tucker Carlson or any journalist attempting to secure a newsworthy interview is entirely unacceptable and raises serious questions about their activities, as well as their original denial, which was wildly misleading.”


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