WATCH: Tucker Unloads On AOC: ‘A Tool Of Corporate Power Posing As A Truth-Teller’

Now that the Biden administration has settled in, it’s back to business as usual for the swamp along with the corporate and financial industry interests that it serves at the expense of ordinary Americans.

There are two sets of rules in the country today, one for the wealthy and connected elite and another for everybody else, and the reaction to GameStop stock trading that hit Wall Street where it hurts is yet another example of the disparity.

One major reason why Americans are unable to unite against a system that considers them the enemy is the use of divide and conquer tactics that have existed for centuries and have been weaponized in the form of toxic identity politics.

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The entrenched corrupt elite that is destroying the American dream benefits greatly from a divided country obsessed with racial, gender, political, and religious differences and those who serve them by continuing to pour gasoline on the fire.

That leads us to Tucker Carlson absolutely unloading on socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He called her out for being a “tool of corporate power” who is pushing a “dark fantasy” of GOP white supremacy that serves the interests of the elite entities that have funded her political career.

His remarks came during a monologue on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” when he took aim at the larger Democrat effort to demonize their political adversaries.

According to Tucker:

“Let’s just be honest for a second, that woman is a tool of corporate power posing as a truth-teller. A look at her current, campaign contributions. Who is supporting her campaign question why people want to change the subject away from economics to identity politics. At that whole pose is fraudulent in her case. Listen specifically to what she says, and think about the effect on the people listening, people standing in airports will hear her say that. Fealty to white assist organizations as a political tool. What does that even mean?

Watch the entire monologue HERE.

AOC has been one of the top exploiters of the unfortunate incident at the U.S. Capitol that opened the door for Democrats and the Biden regime to designate Trump supporters as domestic terrorists and this week, accused Texas Senator Ted Cruz of trying to get her killed.

As if any further proof is needed that Ocasio-Cortez’s demagoguery is seen as beneficial to the corporate power structure, one need only look at who has been backing her.

According to political watchdog, AOC’s top donors include Google’s parent company Alphabet as well as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, AT&T, Microsoft, and Disney.

Hardly the threat to the establishment that she is falsely presented as and the brutal truth of the matter is that identity politics and the “woke” movement are the best things that ever happened to the corporate elite by shifting the left’s focus away from economics.

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Just look at how quickly that Corporate America became sponsors of the militant Black Lives Matter movement at a time when they were rioting, looting, and burning in major American cities last summer.

Given AOC’s outspoken advocacy for socialism, it’s a fair question to ask whether she realizes that she is the best thing that ever happened to the capitalists that she rails against or is just a classic example of a useful idiot.

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