‘THEY CAN GO TO HELL’; Meghan McCain Explodes On Democrats Who Want To “Deprogram” Conservatives

Meghan McCain, the only ‘conservative’ co-host on “The View” — and only nominally so at that, given her disdain for President Trump and public support for his Democratic rival, President Joe Biden — appeared to rediscover her Republican roots during Monday’s program.

In particular, McCain was responding to several recent calls by left-wing pundits and lawmakers like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) to have supporters of the former president “deprogrammed” — a code word for sticking all of us in reeducation camps, a la the Soviet gulag.

At the top of the program, McCain mentioned President Joe Biden’s alleged desire for ‘unity’ while his surrogates like AOC and former news anchor Katie Couric envision a dystopian future for Trump-supporter GOP types.

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“Instead, we’re hearing a lot of language from people like Katie Couric that Republicans like me need to be, quote, ‘deprogrammed,’” she said. “That we’re brainwashed, that there are people who are irredeemable people, and we don’t need to have anything to do with them.”

Watch below:

She correctly called that “horribly dangerous” and added that it was up to Democrats and Biden to reach out to any Republicans who may feel disenfranchised from their party rather than call for them to be essentially thrown in rail cars and sent to some remote facility to ‘unlearn’ Trumpism.

“If President Biden and Democrats want to have a big party and include some of these people, great, and if we’re all just deplorable and need to be reprogrammed as Katie Couric said, then honestly they can go to hell because I don’t need to be deprogrammed!”

She’s right, of course — and we could have told her jumping on the Biden Bandwagon wasn’t a real good idea. But … she’s a McCain, and we know how strong the McCain hate was/is for all things truly conservative (whatever you thought of Donald Trump personally, his policies were rock-solid conservative).

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It’s not clear what is going to happen to the GOP in the post-Trump presidency era but one thing seems pretty clear: The bulk of Republican voters prefer the 45th president as evidenced by his 75 million votes and the fact that very conservative Republicans won down-ballot as well.

Translated: GOP voters are not going to fall over themselves to vote for a McCain or a Romney or a Sasse — not anymore. Trump broke that loser mold.

And that is especially going to be the case moving forward; GOP voters won’t support milquetoast Republicans who don’t have a spine in an era where our Democratic opponents want to punish us for our political beliefs

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