After Biden Cancels Border Wall Construction – Washington D.C. Officials Demand To Build A Permanent Capitol Fence

What’s Happening:

Democrats have long stood against Trump and his efforts to build a border wall. Yet, ironically, they have no problem with walls that protect their own property. Or private security and barriers for events, like the DNC.

Heck, Pelosi gave foreign nations millions to build their own border walls.

On his first day, Joe Biden ended construction of the border wall along our border. It is unlikely that construction will resume anytime soon.

But, Washington officials are talking about another permanent wall—around our own government.

From Daily Wire:

Officials in the nation’s capital are facing backlash after they called for “permanent fencing” to go up around the U.S. Capitol Building in response to the riot that broke out earlier this month.

Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman said on Thursday that she had ordered the department to “conduct a physical security assessment of the entire Capitol Complex,” which led her to the conclusion that the fencing, which was supposed to be temporary, needed to be made permanent.

The Capitol Police Chief, Yogananda Pittman, claims that a permanent wall is needed to cover up her embarrassment over January 6—I mean—to secure the Capitol building from future riots.

Because nothing says a free and open democracy more like a wall between the people and their leaders!

Many people have attacked the Capitol police for failing to defend the building during the events of January 6. Did they perhaps think it was yet another Antifa riot in D.C.? That would explain their terrible performance.

In an apparent attempt to excuse her failure, Pittman is now saying a permanent barrier needs to be built around the building that is supposed to represent our freedoms and republic.

What does it say about our country, that some of our leaders want to bar us from seeing them?

President Trump wanted a border wall to defend Americans from terrorists and drug cartels. Pittman and other officials want to scare Americans away from the very people we are supposed to hold accountable.

Something tells me that a wall won’t prevent more trouble at the Capitol, if the police there continue to be led by incompetent failures.

Are Democrats really afraid that Trump supporters or everyday Americans pose a threat to their building? They didn’t seem all that concerned when leftists stormed blue cities for months.

Is this really about keeping our leaders safe—or yet another pointless show of strength to “intimidate” the masses?

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden ended construction of the Mexico-U.S. border wall.
  • Meanwhile, D.C. officials are calling for a permanent barrier around the Capitol.
  • Capitol police failed to protect the building, in a disgraceful display of incompetence.

Source: Daily Wire

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