“MALIGNANT BUFFOON”: Tucker Carlson Drops the Hammer on Dr. Fauci Over Flip-Flop Messages

During his primetime show on Wednesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson unleashed on Dr. Anthony Fauci, calling him “a malignant buffoon” for constantly changing his opinion on masks over the past year.

“Now science is telling us we need to wear two masks, instead of just one,” Carlson said. “In fact, experts on other networks suggest we might need to wear three masks just to be safe. Think about it like triple-bagging your face. That’s the only way to be safe.”

Carlson went on to play a video clip of Fauci stating that wearing two masks was “common sense.”

“So if you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on, it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective, and that’s the reason why you see people either double-masking or doing a version of an N-95,” he said.

“So double-masking is ‘just common sense, just common sense!’” Carlson shot back. “How long are people going to put up with this? Follow the logic. Wouldn’t it just be safer at this point just for people to stop breathing entirely? You wouldn’t get COVID. You kind of get the impression that’s kind of where Tony Fauci may be a few months from now.”

Carlson continued by mocking Fauci for stating a year ago that American citizens “should not be walking around with masks” because they did not provide “perfect protection.”

“Right now, in the United States, people should not be walking around with masks,” Fauci said in the spring. “Right now, people should not be walking around — there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask,” Fauci reiterated. “When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better, and it might even block a droplet. It’s not providing the perfect protection that people think it is.”

“This guy’s a malignant buffoon,” Carlson said while reacting to Fauci’s previous comments. “He is, and the teachers’ unions are actively hurting children. They are. Why are we listening to any of these people?”


Check out what the Daily Wire reported in relation to wearing multiple masks:

On a CNBC program hosted by former Fox News host Shep Smith, former CBS/MSNBC/NBC correspondent and host Contessa Brewer said three is better than two, citing “experts.”

“So yeah, the experts keep telling us that wearing masks is really about protecting ourselves, protecting others from ourselves in the event that we are contagious. But you know if other people aren’t wearing their masks or they’re wearing them improperly, we need to protect ourselves. So experts say you can double up with a tight weave fabric mask for added protection,” Brewer said.

“Now, Virginia Tech researchers found that doubling up these cloth masks increases the efficacy from 50% to 75%. A three-layer mask could block up to 90% of the particles.” A graphic accompanying the declaration used the word “efficiency” instead of “efficacy.”

Wags on social media had a field day. “We’ve lost our ever-lovin’ minds,” wrote one person on Twitter, adding, “I thought it was a parody. Nope… it’s real.”


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